Rabat was a nice surprise. It's the youngest of Imperial cities and the capital since 1912. Thus it has the biggest palace, wide boulevards, beautiful gardens and, of course, a medina. 

We stayed in the medina at the beautiful Riad Zyo. Staying at riads give you an opportunity to interact with the riad owners and hear their stories about how they bought the building and what it took to renovate it. 

In Riad Zyo, we met the owner, Mr.Ali, who was an amazing chef. We had a wonderful dinner cooked by him and he also educated us about Moroccan wine which is really good. 

This riad of course needs a lot of work and we are sure Ali will do a fabulous job renovating it. It was amazing to see the old tile work called zelij and the woodwork still in good condition. It has 4-5 room with a nice courtyard in the middle. Just beautiful. 

If you want to read about buying and renovating an old riad in Morocco, I recommend the following book: The Caliph's House by Tahir Shah

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